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    A Beautiful Commute

    Below the streets of downtown Seattle there sits a halted underground highway project; it’s a hole in the ground that the residents wish went round and round.…

    TARA MOORE | Getty Images

    Lean In and Let It Go

    While Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has been busy “banning bossy” these last few weeks, her non-profit organization has been involved in another high-profile project in regard…


    Algorithm or Emotion?

    In case you missed it, Facebook just had its 10th birthday and helped you make a video photo montage to celebrate. By creating an algorithm, Facebook captured a selection…

    Kent State

    Cellphone Journalism

    Photographer John Paul Filo can remember every detail of the moment he shot his Pulitzer-prize winning photo during the 1970 Kent State confrontation between student protestors…

    someplacelikeamerica ii

    The Forgotten

    There is something special happening when Bruce Springsteen credits your book as his muse. That is exactly what Pulitzer-prize winners author Dale Maharidge and photographer Michael S.…



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