Principal Robin Avni

Principal Robin Avni

I am in awe of how Robin channels and corrals the energy and ideas of top-level executives and keeps the creative team focused with a measured approach. From writing to teaching to forecasting to consulting, she delivers elegant solutions and inspiring, polished professionalism tailored to the job at hand. She’s quite unstoppable and a joy to work with.
When I think of Robin, the words savvy, professional and highly polished come to mind. Everything Robin touches is better because of her influence.
— JANE GREGG, Leadership Development, Seattle Children's Hospital


About bricolage*

bricolage* comes from the French and means: creation from a diverse range of elements. It’s the perfect phrase to describe the variety of creative endeavors that keep Robin busy.


For Robin, it always comes back to creative opportunity. From creating content to collaborative educational projects to community cultural activities she looks for the chance to push boundaries and explore new possibilities. She enjoys engaging with businesses, entrepreneurs, and artisans alike.

Robin embraces that white space between the corporate and academic worlds where student and professional engagement leads to knowledge, innovation, and opportunity. As an Assistant Professor of Design at Cornish College of the Arts, she managed several academic/corporate projects including two collaborations with Amazon and a special grant from the Microsoft HoloLens team. The Microsoft HoloLens project offered Cornish students pre-release exposure to the HoloLens mixed reality technology and the opportunity to create unique mixed reality experiences through design, dance, and theatrical performance.

During her career in the media and high-tech industries, including eight years at Microsoft and 15+ years in the newspaper/magazine publishing industry, she has managed innovative, award-winning teams and projects and received numerous national design awards. During her tenure at Microsoft, Robin created and produced V-Style, one of the first online style webzines, helped launch MSNBC, managed internal training resources for the product groups, and was a Group Manager for Design and User Research for Windows and SQL Server. 

After Microsoft, she transitioned to consumer research managing a portfolio of Fortune 500 clients as a Senior Director and Lead Consumer Strategist at Iconoculture, and as a Senior Ethnographer at The Hartman Group, where she engaged in primary consumer qualitative research.

Robin is a frequent speaker at industry conferences as well as serving on national and local boards and commissions. She received a BA in journalism with a minor in Design from Indiana University in Bloomington. She holds a Master of Communication in Digital Media from the University of Washington. Her research focused on visual communication, social media, and user-centered creativity tools and technology.

Robin was also the recipient of a post-graduate Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellowship at the University of Michigan.