Robin and I worked closely a number of projects at Microsoft, Working with Robin is a pleasure, and her secret sauce is her innate ability to translate and mediate between the often-exclusive worlds of executives, engineers, designers, and customers.
— STEVE BALL, former Microsoft Principal Program Manager, now Product/Musician at TROOT
Some interesting client challenges brought us together as we tackled some custom consulting projects. Robin’s depth of knowledge made the content creation portion a breeze and her professional approach and years of experience meant the client interaction would be a success. In addition whenever we ran into a question Robin was able to tap into a vast network of contacts who surely had the answer. A set of skills that made for an effective and smooth collaboration.
— MARY MEEHAN, CEO, Metametrix + Panoramix
When I think of Robin, the words savvy, professional and highly polished come to mind. When we worked together making sure Microsoft employees got the training they needed, everything Robin touched was better because of her influence. Her insight, vision, commitment to customers were brought to bear in delightful and engaging ways. I’d welcome the chance to work with Robin again any day.
— JANE GREGG, Leadership Development, Seattle Children's Hospital



Robin Avni has multi-disciplinary experience in communications, graphic design, research, and design for emerging media.

Over the course of her career in the newspaper, media, and high-tech industries, Avni has managed innovative, award-winning teams and projects and received numerous national design awards. She spent the beginning of her career in traditional media, including seven years at the Pulitzer prize-winning Philadelphia Inquirer, as a Photo Editor and subsequently was appointed Managing Design Director of the publication. At the Inquirer she was among a band of visual professionals who pushed the quality of design, layout and photojournalism. In 1988, Avni was chosen as the first Design Director to receive the prestigious post-graduate Knight-Wallace Journalism Fellowship at the University of Michigan, an award that recognizes outstanding achievement in the field
of journalism. Following her award-winning photo and design work in Philadelphia, she spent five years as the award-winning design director of Pacific Northwest Magazine of The Seattle Times.

In 1995, she was hired by Microsoft as a Design Manager working on such high-profile projects as the launch of MSN and Her eight years at Microsoft enabled her to catch the wave of a new era in design; one that would profoundly change the course of the design profession as new technologies changed methods of communication, content, and interaction design. Eventually, Avni became a Group Manager for Design and User Research for Windows and SQL Server. At Microsoft, she was a lead advocate for design within the product groups; she created and produced the first, now annual, Design Day event highlighting design across all product disciplines.

After Microsoft, she transitioned to consumer research managing a portfolio of Fortune 500 clients as a Senior Director and Lead Consumer Strategist at Iconoculture, and as a Senior Ethnographer at The Hartman Group, where she engaged in primary consumer lifestyle research in including qualitative and ethnographic research.

In 2015, she became an Assistant Professor of Design at The Cornish College of the Art where her academic research focuses on visual communication, social photography, and the intersection of technical tools and creativity. In December 2015, Avni was the co-recipient of a grant from the Microsoft HoloLens Strategy Team which sought to leverage the creative, problem-solving disposition of designers and creative artists to explore the artistic possibilities of mixed reality. The project culminated in a mixed reality gallery showing in the Spring 2016 on the Cornish campus.

She joined Expedia in 2017 to help build out their growing User Experience Research team.

Avni has served on national and local boards and commissions, including the Knight Curriculum Advisory Committee at the Indiana University School of Journalism, where she received her BA in journalism and design. Upon completion of her graduate degree she was appointed to the University of Washington Department of Communication adjunct faculty in the Communication Leadership graduate program. Robin has taught throughout her career beginning in Philadelphia with the NIE (Newspaper in the Classroom) program for inner-city grade-schoolers and the Seattle Times Urban Journalism Workshops, a two-week training program for minority high school students pursuing design and photography careers.