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A recent move has opened up new opportunities for Robin to expand her involvement with arts and culture in the Seattle region through her appointments to The Pierce County Arts Commission and the Gig Harbor Arts Commission. Prior she served as Vice Chair of the Bellevue Arts Commission.

The Pierce County Arts Commission administers two Arts’ budgets: one is used for the Art Grant Program and the annual PSESD Regional High School Arts contest and the other for 1% for Arts projects

The Gig Harbor Arts Commission is authorized to encourage, conduct, sponsor or co-sponsor public programs to further the development and public awareness of arts, culture, and heritage in the community.

The Bellevue Arts Commission encourages and supports the arts as a vital part of community life. They foster Bellevue’s cultural development through public art, grants to local artists and organizations and cultural planning.

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 Luncheon with NEA Chairperson Jane Chu along with a team of regional arts advocates, to celebrate the NEA's support for the arts in King County.

4Culture + king county

Avni was a member of the 4Culture Board of Directors for five years; with three years serving on the Executive Board as Member-at-Large, Vice President and President. 4Culture, the cultural services agency for King County, supports artsheritagehistoric preservation, and public art throughout the county using Lodging Tax and the 1% for Art funds.

A few of 4Culture's notable programs:

Creative Justice. Creative Justice is an arts-based alternative to incarceration for young people.

The SODO Track. Transforming 2 miles of industrial building backs into the world's longest continuous corridor of street art, and the only international urban art gallery.

To learn more about 4Culture's other programming, please visit their website.



bellevue + GIG HARBOR Cultural planNING

Both of the Arts Commissions play a vital role in each town’s culture by supporting and promoting the arts and art organizations.

Arts, culture and creativity are essential keys to a community’s unique and distinctive identity. Creativity is also the engine of the new economy. Arts and culture contribute directly and indirectly to community prosperity through generating economic activity, providing employment, making the communities attractive to citizens and visitors alike.  

The Gig Harbor Arts Commission is currently engaged in creating and promoting a Cultural Element for future engagement and growth for the arts in the community.